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Roting Mixed Compass Set

A comprehensively equipped set of compasses which features many useful additions. Features include:-..

₹1,171.50 Ex Tax: ₹1,171.50

Rotring Compact Universal Compass S0676530

Rotring Throttling COMPACT medium-sized compassFast and smooth radius adjustmentConvenient handheld ..

₹495.00 Ex Tax: ₹495.00

Rotring Compact Universal Compass Set

Fast and smooth radius adjustmentCompass attachment with universal holding device and extension barC..

₹605.00 Ex Tax: ₹605.00

Rotring Compass Set (8 pieces)

Universal Compass, Extension bar, Dividers, Small bow compass, bow compass, drawing pen, drawing pen..

₹2,420.00 Ex Tax: ₹2,420.00

Rotring Isograph Technical Drawing Pen 4-Pen Set with Compass - 0.2 to 0.5 MM

Isograph allows working in exquisite detail offering a unique precision. Innovative push-on sleeve ..

₹4,988.50 Ex Tax: ₹4,988.50

Rotring Rapid Adjustable Compact Compass Set - S0676580

Fast and precise radius adjustment. Mobility of the spindle can be adjusted by set screw. Both legs ..

₹1,210.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,210.00

Rotring S0676530 Compact Universal Compass

The Rotring S0676530 compact universal compass features fast and smooth radius adjustment and conven..

₹495.00 Ex Tax: ₹495.00